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"I thought about the closest thing to my heart."

- Tamara Farrell - 

Tamara and Joshua_edited.jpg

When I started Indigo Beauty, I thought about the closest thing to my heart. Not makeup. My son.

He has autism, and years ago, a man told me children with autism are called indigo children. Children who don't like labels as they are independent and free.

Like my son, I approach makeup and beauty with a free spirit.

You take pride in how you look without the fuss. And we believe in quality products without the junk. Be sophisticated, sexy, and classy without too much work with Indigo, as we cater to women of color who want to wear makeup but let their true beauty shine through.

Indigo Beauty Cosmetics is a brand created to awaken the inner free spirit of bronze beauties all over the world. Don’t conform. Be different. Stand out.

Help support those with autism reach their full potential with the purchase of an Indigo Lipstick.

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